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Shortlisted for an Award!

The other day I had the most amazing email from the British Guild of Beer Writers to inform me that I have been shortlisted for the "Best Citizen Beer Communicator" in this year's awards, to be held at One Great George Street in London.

I had been at home for 8 days, dealing with that most dreaded "C word" of our current times - Covid-19! I was starting to feel on the up a little and had a quick peek at my emails on my iPhone. The word "Congratulations" jumped out at me and grabbed my attention. I read the email and was thrilled to see that my podcast efforts have been rewarded with a place on the shortlist for the awards, which will be doled out on 2nd December.

I'm up against some strong opposition such as last year's winner, Gabriele Bertucci, Chris Hodgson (known as Craft Beer Chris) and Brazil-based Douglas Merlo, so its a truly talented line-up. I'd be lying if I said I don't mind if I win or not—I really do want to win!—but I can be very proud (and am!) of just having been shortlisted.

The category that I am shortlisted in is for those who do not get paid for their work, and as we speak, this is the case for me (I won't qualify next year due to my impending article in Burum Collective). Of course, my podcast work is entirely unpaid. I have thus far resisted the temptation to monetize it via either sponsorship or subscription. I won't say that its something that I will never do—because Never Say Never, as was almost the title of Sean Connery's unofficial 80s Bond movie—but it's not on the horizon at present.

I guess I still suffer from Imposter Syndrome, even though this shortlisting should abate that somewhat. If I think about asking whether people would back me on the likes of Patreon, that thought is swiftly followed by the image of tumbleweed floating across a desolate Western town! Besides, even Matt Curtis says that he has moments of feeling Imposter Syndrome, so I guess I'm in good company.

Winning this award would go a long way to convincing me that I am not an imposter, for sure. However, I won't get carried away. After my first byline appears in Burum Collective soon, I've got my sights set on several more and I still need to find the perfect home for my book! Lots of work to do, so I shall sign off and leave you all to enjoy whatever beer you have in your glass!!


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